The Best Cellulite Treatment Is Simple… But It’s Not Always Easy (cellulite removal secret you’re not supposed to know)

Is there anything worse for bathing suit season than lumpy cellulite jiggling around your thighs? An estimated 80 to 95 percent of women carry cellulite somewhere on their bodies, but it remains one of the main appearance problems women would like to banish for good. But, is cellulite removal realistic or even possible?

What Is Cellulite?

In simple terms cellulite is just fat, no different than any other fat in the body. It’s the unique structure of a woman’s connective tissue that causes the dimply appearance of cellulite on the skin. In some circles it’s thought to be a skin problem. That is true to some extent, especially for women who have a low body fat percentage. These women in particular benefit most from cellulite cream and other skin care related cellulite treatments. For the majority of sufferers though, excess fat is the primary source of the problem.

Skin With Cellulite Dimples Compared To Normal, Healthy Skin

 For women in particular, fatty tissue forms in honeycomb-shaped compartments. As those compartments fill with fat, they push into the outer layers of skin and the fat may bulge between the layers of connective tissue. The result is the dimply “orange peel skin” we all know so well. Also interesting to note… Men store their fat in diagonal compartments, which is why cellulite is rare in the opposite sex.

Do Cellulite Reduction Treatments Actually Work?

There are a lot of so-called miracle anti cellulite products that promise to rid the body of those unsightly dimples. They range from topical cellulite creams to expensive vacuum-powered spa treatments. Cellulite massage machines can also be purchased for use at home. The unfortunate truth is that there is no way to completely rid yourself of cellulite in most cases. Treatments might lessen the appearance of cellulite by tightening the skin but so long as the fat remains, so will the dimples. Reducing cellulite is typically much more realistic than total cellulite removal for most people.

A Fat Loss Diet Plus Cellulite Exercise Plan Can Help

The biggest changes in the appearance of cellulite will come about by reducing the amount of fat that’s carried on your body. That means eating a healthy diet and burning off the excess fat with the right types of cellulite exercises. When it comes to cardiovascular activity, a minimum of twenty minutes of moderate intensity cardio is needed to prompt your body to start burning fat as fuel. The longer you can maintain that moderate pace the longer you will burn fat during and after your workout.

Experts also recommend that some workout sessions include interval training, short bursts of difficult exercise followed by a recovery pace repeated over the course of the workout. Try to fit a twenty to sixty minute cardio workout in to your schedule 3 to 5 times a week for noticeable results.

Don’t overlook strength training when trying to combat cellulite either. Though you can’t “spot reduce” fat, by exercising your thighs or butt, you can firm up the muscles underneath. Weak muscles underneath a layer of fat can add to the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Work your legs or other cellulite-prone areas 3 times a week. If your thighs are the problem, try doing lunges moving forward and to the side as well as squats with your feet close together and far apart. Hang on to the back of a chair and lift your legs backwards to tone your backside.

The Cellulite Treatment That Works

The key secret to finding the best cellulite treatment for hips and thighs is really the same for slimming your arms and tightening your stomach: fat loss. Though diet is the key factor that will determine your success at fat loss, don’t rule out the assistance that regular cardiovascular and strength training offer. Exercise certainly can make a difference in the appearance of unsightly cellulite, so don’t skip the gym or an effective home workout plan if you’re trying to rid yourself of orange-peel thighs.

Expert Cellulite Exercise Video

Cellulite Exercises for Butt & Thigh Cellulite Reduction

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