Are Velasmooth Cellulite Treatments The Answer To Dimple-Free Skin?

One of the more recent developments for cellulite removal is the Velasmooth cellulite treatment method. Approved by the FDA in 2005, Velasmooth is known as a body sculpting treatment and was introduced by Israel-based Syneron Medical Ltd.

What Makes Velasmooth Better Than Lipo And Lasers?

A non-invasive treatment method, Velasmooth cellulite reduction is preferable to liposuction which involves invasive and often painful surgery. It makes use of infrared light and sound wave harmonics to provide a massage designed to loosen and smooth puckered fat cells.

Further, a gentle sonic vibration works to improve blood circulation to improve the skin’s appearance. It accomplishes this using elos technolgy which combines bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy. Through elos, safety limitations previously encountered with intense pulse light and other laser techniques are not an issue.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Generally speaking, most people have two 45-minute Velasmooth cellulite treatments per week for the first 8 weeks. Once desired results are achieved, maintenance of once per month is usually sufficient.

Many believe Velasmooth treatments are similar to a deep heat cellulite massage although some users do report having discomfort during the procedure. By using a contoured hand-held applicator, the technician can easily treat problem areas quickly which can make the treatment more tolerable.

While clinical studies have shown the Velasmooth cellulite treatment option to deliver positive results, it’s not for everyone. Running anywhere from $150 to $200 for each treatment, it’s an expensive way to reduce cellulite compared with other alternatives.

If you like the idea of treating cellulite though regular massage, consider the cellulite massager by Verseo. It’s a one-time expense (MUCH less than ONE Velesmooth treatment) and can be used whenever you want right at home. You can learn more about the Verseo cellulite massager here.

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