Can You Remove Cellulite With Caffeine?


anti cellulite cream helps to remove celluliteWhen excess body fat is to blame for cellulite accumulation on the hips, thighs and others areas of the body, a complete fat loss program is usually necessary to see any substantial reduction in cellulite. Often an effective anti cellulite cream will help the situation improve at a faster rate and is used in combination with the fat loss plan.

Many cellulite sufferers are surprised to learn that caffeine extract is a common ingredient found in the most effective cellulite creams. Products such as Revitol cellulite and others rely on it to remove cellulite and improve the look of your skin.

Caffeine Extract Removes Cellulite

Caffeine works as a stimulant as well as a vasodilator; it stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and also widens the blood vessels in the area. As such Caffeine stimulates the circulation and blood flow, which helps remove toxins, fat and excess fluids. When blood is allowed to move into the region the natural metabolic pathways of the body are stimulated and you will also burn more fat naturally. Caffeine also inhibits phosphodiesterase.

These are enzymes which are responsible for the break down of cyclic AMP, which in turn deprives the body of energy. By preventing the phospodiesterases from breaking down the cyclic AMP the energy is used efficiently. Topical use of caffeine is preferred over oral use, as its effects will be localized and concentrated. Through oral use the caffeine will never reach the target area in a concentrated form.

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Although you won’t remove cellulite completely with most cellulite creams, you can improve the appearance of your skin and super-charge your efforts to reduce cellulite when you combine it with the power of a good fat loss program.

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