Cellulite Machines – Are They As Dangerous For Your Cellulite As They Are To Your Wallet?

You may have heard of cellulite machines used by professionals such as the VelaShape and wondered if they could help you reduce cellulite. After all, they can be expensive and you certainly want to know if something’s going to work before you spend all that money.

While many supporters of VeleShape and other professional treatments feel they are well worth the cost, you should know that a series of treatments is necessary and they can cost upwards of $500 each, depending on where you have them done.

How Do Cellulite Machines Work?

These professional machines work by combining massage, suction with rollers along with heat and light to shrink your fat cells. Now, whether or not a machine can actually shrink your fat cells is a topic for debate, but many people claim that they do lose inches from the treatments.

It stands to reason, though, that much like cellulite lotions and creams, results will be temporary for only as long as you use a particular treatment. And, losing any excess body fat and gaining muscle tone are both necessary to see real, lasting results – which are exactly the kind of results you want.

My personal opinion is that you should save your money on these treatments – unless you have money to burn and like the convenience of having someone perform treatments on you. For most people who want a massage-like treatment for a fraction of the cost, the Verseo Rollercell designed for home use will be more than sufficient. It uses heat, massage rollers and suction to reduce cellulite and it’s extremely affordable.

Using cellulite machines is certainly subject to personal opinion and preference. If you feel you could benefit from a cellulite massage treatment series, consider trying the at-home version first before spending hundreds of dollars on pricey spa sessions. You may find out that you don’t really need them and can do the job quite nicely yourself.

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  1. regina sharma says:

    i am interested in this little machine, looking to buy, small portable inexpensive cellulite machine. i am tiny to begin with. for a small person will this help? what about warranty or guaranty? thank you so kindly, regina

  2. My Cellulite Remedy says:

    Hi Regina,

    The Rollercell helps to firm the skin – regardless of size, if you’re looking to firm up your skin this should help you. And yes, there is a money back guarantee on it.

    You can learn more about the Verseo cellulite massager here.

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