Could Cellulite Massagers Be The Answer For You?

If you want to lose the cellulite and feel good about your body again, then using cellulite massagers is a great way to get started. It saves you a lot of money when you do it yourself, because paying professionally trained cellulite massage therapists to massage your fat deposits away is going to cost quite a bit. Because it doesn’t go away in one setting, you will need to go back on a regular schedule before you will notice a big difference in your cellulite.

Your can either purchase a personal cellulite massager or do it the old fashioned way. Here are the basic steps you’ll follow:

1. Before you start the massage routine, apply an anti cellulite cream to the area you will be massaging. This will help your results, plus it will make the movements a lot easier.

2. Always massage towards the heart. Apply moderate pressure and alternate through the different techniques that will be explained here.

3. Use long strokes with either your fingers, knuckles or palms of your hands. Alternate through these three motions on the affected area, remembering to massage towards the heart.

4. Change to a kneading motion after a while. This is done using the thumb and finger to grab the flesh and knead it. You should be able to feel the bumps under the skin, which are fat deposits.

5. The last motion is a pinching technique. Pinch different areas of the skin using your thumb and finger and pull that piece of skin gently in all different directions.

These massage techniques, when done regularly should help you significantly reduce the amount of cellulite that you have on your body. Cellulite massagers use these techniques on their clients all the time, and they usually have great results. Why pay them, when you can do the same thing at home? Remember to always use some sort of lotion or massage oil before doing this type of massage so that you can avoid damaging the skin.

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