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cellulite on thighs

Cellulite… it’s something most of us women have (and even some men). You’d think since it’s so common it wouldn’t bother us as much as it does. But cellulite, orange peel skin, cottage cheese thighs or “you fill in the blank” is one of the biggest beauty concerns there is.

Of course there are many theories surrounding the reasons we develop cellulite and each of us is slightly different. For some, there are some serious genetics at play and for others excess fat is the main factor. Toxin build-up in the body is also a major contributor, especially as we get older (since we’re exposed to more toxins over the course of our lifetime).

Here at, we’ll be discussing effective cellulite treatments as well as providing reviews and information about the various cellulite reduction products currently available. If there’s something special you’d like to see covered, post your thoughts in the comments section beneath this post. Your participation and input will make this a living and breathing resource for a true cellulite solution!

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