Get Sexy Legs By Getting Rid Of Cellulite Dimples

One of the most annoying places cellulite likes to form is right on the upper thighs. You know what I’m talking about… those big dimples on the top of your legs.

Although with a bit of concentrated effort you can get rid of this cellulite, it’s aggravating until you do. Probably the worst part about this upper thigh cellulite is that it tends to show through your clothes, especially white pants.

The Temporary Solution To Cellulite On Upper Thighs

The short-term fix for cellulite lumps and dimples on the thighs is to wear panty hose even when you’re wearing slacks. A control type of hose is preferred as it will temporarily smooth out the bulges and allow you to look fit and trim in your clothes.

However, wearing panty hose is not a long-term solution nor does it help when you’re want to wear shorts or a bathing suit. That requires some work.

Permanently Get Rid Of Cellulite On Legs And Thighs 

The absolute best thing you can do for chunky thighs is to combine fat loss and muscle building together. Follow a fat loss diet and intensive cardio plan along with a targeted lower body strength training program. By building up the muscle in your legs, you’ll smooth out the dimples with the lean, firm muscle below the skin’s surface. Any excess fat will be burned through the combination of fat loss efforts.

While it’s not easy, losing cellulite dimples on the legs is possible when you follow a well-designed program such as the Thin Thighs Program featured on this website. I like this program because it focuses on the lower body, where most women experience the most problems with cellulite. It also provides a lot of much-needed motivation to give you a boost.

Another thing to consider is a cellulite reduction cream for the upper thighs. While these creams can’t do it all, they can moisturize and help firm the skin to give it a better appearance. With some focused effort, you can turn cellulite thighs into lean, sexy legs in no time.


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