Confused By Procellix Reviews? Find Out If Procellix Cellulite Cream Is The Right Treatment For You

Cellulite is a problem for the majority of adult women and for many, it takes quite a toll on their confidence levels. At a minimum, fatty dimples on the skin can ruin your chances of feeling good in those cute summer clothes. There’s no doubt about it, cellulite on the legs, hips, buttocks or stomach makes wearing revealing clothes like shorts and swimsuits a thing of the past (don’t even THINK about a bikini when cellulite is a factor). Procellix cellulite cream is a popular product that claims it can effectively reduce your cellulite and get you back into your swimsuit. But the question is, does Procellix work as promised?

What Is Procellix Cream And How Does It Work?

Procellix Cellulite Toner is a topical cellulite cream from Dermal Meds. According to the company, the anti cellulite cream contains potent ingredients designed to break down fatty deposits as well as firm and tone the skin. It does this by using a patented delivery system that allows the product to penetrate deep into the skin where cellulite forms. This process also aids in the natural production of collagen which is important for healthy, younger looking skin.

Dr. Oz recommended aminophylline  and caffeine for cellulite reduction - the same active ingredients in Procellix!

Two of the active ingredients used in Procellix have been recommended by experts, including popular television personality Dr. Oz. Aminophylline and caffeine were described by Dr. Oz as cellulite cream ingredients that actually work.

Aminophylline is widely recognized as an asthma medication. But as a topical treatment, aminophylline cream helps reduce cellulite by breaking up fat deposits in the skin. It also provides a natural way to promote lymph drainage. Used to target problem areas in women, the cream works well on the thighs and buttocks area. Men with cellulite on the stomach area can also benefit.

Caffeine is widely used in cellulite creams and is included in Procellix as well. It works on the skin in 3 important ways to help cellulite when applied topically. As an antioxidant it promotes healthy skin. It’s also a diuretic and helps to release excess fluids that build up under the skin and cause lumpiness. In addition, it’s a vasoconstrictor and has been used for years to aid in the reduction of cellulite.

Procellix ingredients also include the following natural components:

  • Sage Extract – boosts circulation, has been used for over 2,000 years to help eliminate cellulite deposits
  • Guarana Extract – contains natural caffeine at 7x the level found in coffee beans, absorbs into the skin for cellulite reduction benefits
  • Aloe Bardensis Gel – rejuvenates the skin and accelerates the growth of healthy tissue
  • Bladderwrack Extract – seaweed also known as Fucus Vesiculosus used both internally and in topical formulas for skin benefits, toxin removal, cellulite reduction and more, sometimes called the “anti-fat herb”

Who Should Use Procellix Cellulite Cream?

Anyone who is bothered by the appearance of cellulite is a possible candidate for using Procellix. If you’re able to use the product as directed – twice daily for 90 days – and have the patience to stay with the program until you get results, you will likely be pleased with the benefits you get from using this cellulite cream. Those who are willing to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan will benefit even more.

On the other hand, this cream may not be for you if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients or you don’t have the discipline to apply the product as directed. Also, pregnant or nursing women should postpone using the product.

Procellix Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

As with all cellulite creams, opinions vary widely as to whether it works. Some say it doesn’t work at all while others rave about the results it gave them. In between these two extremes is probably the most accurate. Based on our research, here are a few examples of what customers are saying about Procellix:

  • One woman said she had cellulite as early as age 15 and had tried all sorts of things to get rid of it without success. She likes Procellix and explained that it works slowly and you have to have patience with it. She went on to say that using a cellulite brush in the shower could help you get better results. Overall she thought it was a great product.
  • Another customer said Procellix cellulite cream was the only thing she had tried that actually worked. The only catch is that you have to use it twice daily as instructed on the product. It works when you do this, but she stopped using it on vacation and the cellulite came back.
  • As a final Procellix review example, another woman said that the cream is not a cure for cellulite, but it does work well to reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples. She said that she used Procellix on one of her legs and another cellulite cream on the other leg. Procellix proved to be more effective and easier to apply that the other creams she has tried. She thought the product was worth it.

Where To Buy And Information About The Procellix Free Trial

The best place to buy Procellix is at the official website – and there’s a good reason for that. You’ll be able to sign up for a risk-free trial period and more importantly, qualify to get FREE REFILLS when you purchase the 90-day cellulite program. Be sure to read over the terms and conditions at the site for all the details, but here’s how it basically works…

First you complete the name and mailing address details near the top of the page. You’ll then be taken to the actual order page and asked to enter payment information. Your credit card will be charged a minimal shipping fee and pre-authorized for the 90-day program purchase price – a discounted rate of $179.99. You’ll get a full 90-day supply of Procellix for this price. But that’s not all…

When you buy the 90-day program, you qualify for free refills of the product. All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling fees. There is NO autoship, automatic billing or anything like that after your initial purchase. It’s really an amazing deal that you won’t find anywhere else when you buy this product. Click here to take advantage of the free refills program.

Although the free trial window is short (14 days), Dermal Meds has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy with a 30-day refund provision. It’s available if you need it, but chances are good that you’ll keep your supply and continue to enjoy the benefits of this cellulite cream for many months to come by paying the low one-time fee and taking advantage of the free refill option.

Ordering through the official website is safe and secure… you’ll see logos assuring you of this fact on the sign up page.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Procellix Cellulite Cream?

Based on the Procellix reviews we found, the active ingredients contained in the product as well as the free refill program offered by Dermal Meds, Procellix could be the cellulite solution you’ve been looking for. And with the 100% satisfaction guarantee offered by the company, the only thing you have to lose is that unsightly cellulite!

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