Summer’s Almost Here – Which Cellulite Remedy Have You Chosen?

Summer is coming whether you like it or not. It’s time to make a decision… will this be the year that you finally get rid of cellulite and show off those sexy, dimple-free legs? If you’re up to it, I want to talk about finding the right cellulite remedy for your particular situation.

Most women carry a bit (or a lot) of excess body fat, especially compared to men. This makes us more susceptible to cellulite in the first place. When fat is a problem, it’s important to begin fat loss efforts right away. Cellulite is just another form of body fat so as your fat levels decrease, your cellulite will start to go away as well. I have personally witnessed this myself – weight (fat) goes up, cellulite dimples appear. Lose some weight and they disappear like magic.

Problems with this strategy occur when you have been a yo-yo dieter. Although losing some weight might help your cellulite the first few times, it eventually doesn’t work like it used to because your skin becomes thinner and weaker. And, when you lose and regain weight repeatedly, often you lose muscle but regain the pounds as fat. This usually makes the cellulite condition get worse over time.

One of the biggest mistakes women make is failing to build muscle. This is the key to getting rid of cellulite and having firm and sexy legs.

Why should you build muscle? Muscle is lean and takes up less space, pound for pound, than fat does. It makes your legs strong, smooth and firm. If you have cellulite and then build up your leg muscles, much of it will be smoothed and barely noticeable. When you combine muscle building with fat loss, your cellulite will actually begin to disappear. For many women it vanishes completely. But even if it doesn’t go away completely, dramatic improvements will happen when you follow the right program.

Why do women avoid muscle building cellulite exercises? Actually, I believe there are a couple of reasons for this. One is understandable and the other is a misconception.

1. Most women think they will bulk up and look like a man if they lift weights. This is not only false, it’s nearly impossible for a woman to bulk up that much without taking supplements and actually trying to get huge. Even then it’s really difficult. If you’re worried about bulking up, don’t. It won’t happen.

2. Muscle building leg exercises are hard. From my personal experience and opinion, this is 100% true. Giving your legs a proper workout is not easy and for me, it’s definitely not fun. Lunges, squats and other leg moves can be downright hard work. But that’s the point, isn’t it? If you’re not willing to put in a little effort, you’ll be destined to live with your dimpled thighs for another summer.

Of course cellulite creams or lotions can help improve the appearance of cellulite too, but they’re much more effective when combined with actual efforts to reduce fat and build muscle. Combine these strategies and you have a potent cellulite remedy that is sure to get you in amazing shape.

If you’re still looking for cellulite remedies you can use to get in shape by summer-time and have sexy, head-turning legs, here’s what I recommend you do…

1. Get yourself a copy of Victoria Johnson’s Thin Thighs Program. She covers the fat loss and leg sculpting portion of your cellulite fighting recipe. You’ll absolutely love Victoria’s teaching style.

2. Then, once you’re following the program, start using a good anti-cellulite cream to improve the appearance of your skin. Cellulite creams work to firm and moisturize and will get you ready faster to show off those newly sculpted legs and sexy thighs.

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  1. Dakotah says:

    I have had a serious issue with my body JUST because of my cellulite for as long as I can remember.. and I’m only 21 years old! I’m only 5ft tall but have recently lost about 8 lbs leaving me at 101 lbs. I’m living a super healthy lifestyle with my choice of food and working out but I mostly have been doing cardio. I’m looking for a salution so this summer I can wear shorts and a bikini!! I am REALLY dedicated to fixing this problem so I will do all of the strength training I can! I can’t afford a gym membership right now with school and work but I do have some ankle weights and 3 lbs hand weights at home that I can work with. I need to know some great exercises to build muscle in my thighs! please help! :)

  2. My Cellulite Remedy says:

    Hi Dakotah,

    The thighs and lower body in general are problems for most of us. It’s great that you’re already doing cardio. But, if you REALLY want to see results in your lower body, muscle building/leg sculpting is a must. And, you don’t need a gym membership so don’t worry about that.

    I highly recommend the Thin Thighs program, specifically when it comes to women and the lower body. All the exercises Victoria teaches can be done at home – no expensive gym membership required.

    These types of exercises are never easy (in my opinion, at least) but they do produce results. You’ll need to do things like sqats, lunges, etc. to really make a difference.

    Best wishes for a fantastic summer!

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